Blogging ideas for authors

I don’t know what to blog about. I’m an author, not a blogger.

To which I say: if you can write, then you can blog.

You can blog about anything you want – your Work in Progress (WIP), hobbies or interests – it’s your blog.

Still struggling? Here are a few more pointers to help you.

Why do you want to blog, really?

Your reasons for blogging will inform your blog content. It is also key to its success.

If you want your blog to help you communicate with your fans, let it be so.

You can write about your latest work, your day or digital addictions.

It doesn?t matter what you blog about, because all you’re doing is communicating (updating your fans on your activities).

If you’re looking at blogging as a sales tool, that’s also fine. Just don’t bombard your readers with begging posts about how they should buy your book.

Be authentic

What if your readers find out you’re a fraud?

What if your readers find out you don’t understand Chaucer, hate Shakespeare, are a high school dropout and you love reading romance books?

What if your readers know all this and still don’t care anyway?

More likely, they’ll applaud and love you even more for not being part of the ‘establishment’.

Being real and authentic makes you more relatable. That’s what personal and author branding is all about. So own it.

You don’t have to write your blog

You don’t have to write every blog post.

You could post videos, photos (post a photo of your writing space, even if it’s just a kitchen table and watch your readers go wild), do screengrabs of social media updates thats made you laugh or shake your head in disbelief.

You can post anything you want on your blog, it’s yours. So own it and smash it.

How often should I post?

As often as you can manage. Consistency, not frequency, is key, here. I would recommend a weekly post to start with, because it’s manageable, so start with that.

How long should my post be?

Again, that’s up to you. Most blog posts hover around the 500-word mark. Epic posts tend to be around the 2K+ mark. Whatever you do, try and add some visuals to your post as they do help with engagement levels.

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