Do you want to know the most valuable commodity on the web? Go on, take a guess (hint: it?s not money).

It?s traffic (that?s visitors to your website for those who don?t understand webspeak).

The rationale behind this is simple:

The more traffic you can direct to your website, the more eyeballs you get on your books and the more chances you have of converting those eyeballs into buying readers.

In other words: traffic=$$$s.

How to drive traffic to your website

Not all traffic is good for your website, which is why you want the right traffic. That is, people who are most likely to buy your books.

There is no point in having millions of visitors to your website if they do not convert to buying readers.

And don?t even try to convince yourself that writing books is all about the art, because even the most dedicated author needs shelter, food and a fairly decent laptop with which to write their books, as opposed to the seven-year-old junk they currently use.

Getting traffic to your website can be hard, but it is not impossible. This infographic breaks it down nice and easy. So, let?s get to it, shall we?

How to drive traffic to your author website

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